Rebranding - Web Design


Insurance web site - 2018

Rebranding - Web Design


I received your request to change the entire web, from different microsites to one centralized in a Home, from that moment, Segurline had improved its sales due to the incorporation of a new products through a landing page of insurance sales for professional-oriented malpractice . We are currently developing landing page for different and new products, a customer portal and an application.


For lack of time and difficulty to set interviews with Segurline clients, I decided to thoroughly interview Segurline owner, my stakeholder, since he advises his clients all the time.

From there I generated two profiles of ProtoPersonas of two different ages and financial positions and a mind map.


Design proposal

The initial proposal was a home page where there was a section of the benefits it provided and a section by service that had an action button. But services were added and this led to a very long displacement, which affected usability. Then replace the design with a keypad, with other customer orders.

Today we are developing the web pages of each service, and a blog to help the SEO of the site. And the app is in an early stage, which would be ready by 2020.

segurline proposal
Sketches - Design prototype for the presentation.

Web development

I made the web development based on the idea of making the environment clean and clear. A minimalist and consistent aesthetic based on the analyzes performed.
Developing trust and quality enviroment for Segurline's clients.

Maximiliano Diaz - Segurline CEO

I love it. It's exactly what I had in mind.