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Smart Layers

Based on the work made for Smart layers, they asked me about a redesign. The logo remains but the communication, graphic and voice has changed.

Back to the basics

The idea behind the redesign was conceptual.

Words as clean, minimal, robotic, high technology started to give a new meaning to the brand.
Before Smart layers had a product focus. The new features, the new value, the data. However, all together did not create a straightforward communication on their prospects.

A new way to speak to their clients, in a simple way adding illustrations of their vision, helped to understand more abstract and complex concepts.

nordea preview
nordea preview


Behind the vectors, this characters had the mision to link human activity with the artificial inteligence coming from the product. The mixture generated this humans with detached heads, hands and feet. Becoming into a more robotic nature, but still simple and minimal.

Following a simple structure of sticks and circles for articulations, is possible to illustrate complex poses for different needs.

Smart layers illustrations structure

These characters, the pallete and outlined iconography built a language around the brand, giving a spotlight to concepts the Smartlayers board was looking for to reflect.

SmartLayers illustrations
SmartLayers illustrations
SmartLayers overview