I am a Product Designer

Argentinian Product Designer based in Copenhagen with a background in mixed media design and fashion. Curious learner interested in using strategy to improve people’s life.

Gonzalo Lusi Photo

Nordea App

Concept DesignUser Interface

A compact design process with the vision of meaningful information about balance and wallet features in a glance.

Nordea Concept Design

Segurline web

BrandingWeb Design

Rebranding is not only an aesthetical aspect. Rebranding was the difference between average clients and the company's goal clients target.

Nordea Concept Design


User Interface

The Machine Learning application to process documents and extract data.

smartlayers design case

SmartLayers website

BrandingWeb & Branding

Illustrations are a powerful language in order to highlight core concepts of a company.

SmartLayers web and branding Design


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